Practice Areas

Nursing Home Litigation

Family members often face the unfortunate and difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. The family has every right to trust that the nursing home will provide excellent care. Unfortunately, that trust can be breached when a resident is injured or dies as a result of neglect. David Pribyl has successfully handled hundreds of nursing home negligence cases and has obtained millions of dollars in settlements on behalf of nursing home residents and their families.

Birth Injury Litigation

There is nothing more painful to a parent than watching their child suffer. Tragically, many infants injured at birth never have the opportunity to thrive and grow naturally into childhood. Parents, who heroically commit their lives to children born with cerebral palsy and other disabling injuries face daunting medical bills. David Pribyl has obtained numerous multi-million dollar settlements for the parents of children injured at birth in Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

Medical Malpractice

Nearly 100,000 patients are the victims of medical negligence each year. Individuals and families of persons injured through medical negligence are often faced with mounting medical bills, lost wages, and a loss of their normal lives. David Pribyl has represented victims of malpractice involving surgical errors, missed diagnoses, medication, and anesthesia errors. He has obtained record malpractice results in Illinois counties.

Automobile and Trucking Liability

Every day persons are injured or killed because of the negligence of a motor vehicle operator. The drivers of commercial trucks are responsible for the safe operation of their tractor trailer. The Law Offices of David G. Pribyl has successfully held accountable both individuals and commercial drivers who have caused injury and death of motorists by obtaining million dollar settlements.

Product Liability

Designers and manufacturers are responsible for the products they sell to consumers. The users of the product are entitled to trust that the product complies with safety standards and contains warnings against any dangers that are not readily apparent. Whether the product is an airbag, an aerosol can, or a commercial air conditioning unit, David G. Pribyl has the experience to handle the case.

Construction Liability

Scaffolds, supports, trenches, and unsafe work methods can all cause serious job site injuries and deaths. Knowledge of the applicable building and safety codes and appropriate means and methods of construction is necessary to successfully investigate and handle construction accident cases. David Pribyl has handled numerous injury and death cases that have occurred on work sites.

Wrongful Death

A special statute exists in Illinois that allows families of persons who die as a consequence of negligence to seek compensation for their loss. Whether the death was caused by the negligence of a healthcare provider, vehicle driver, or product designer, the Wrongful death Act allows for recovery.